We are a fully compliant factory. Different compliance audit done regularly by different USA and European buyers every year (for example OVS, PRIMARK, SEARS, BSCI, etc.).

As per ALLIANCE report we have completed our remediation procedure upto 89%. Balance remediation will be completed by April 15 2017 We have a separate department for compliance audit Following point are including in HR and compliance.

Free Exit:
To ensure easy movement inside the factory

Emergency Exit:
To ensure easy evacuation inside the factory

Fire Alarm/Jocky Pump:
Setup to alert everyone during fire.

Proper Ventilation System:
To ensure easy passage of fresh air.

Smoke Detector:
Setup to alert everyone during fire.

To ensure proper light in production floor.

Broken needle Policy:
This policy is made to ensure proper storage of broken, so that, it does not remain inside the garments, which is safety hazard.

Complain Box:
Setup to find out the problems of the workers, which they cannot express in front of everyone.

First Aid Box:
To give immediate medical treatment to the injured person prior taking him to hospital.

Fire Fighting Equipment’s/Fire drill :
To ensure that every individual knows the fire drill and how to use fire equipment.

Child care Center:
Setup to take care of the infant of the workers.

Canteen facilities:
Setup so that workers can take snacks during work.

Medical facilities:
Medical doctors visit regularly in our factory to give full medical treatment to all the worker as necessary

Dining facilities:
Setup so that all workers can take launch in one place, specially those who live far away from factory area.